Who We Are

SoCha is a field-focused, analytical services and adaptive management firm that provides bespoke solutions to social challenges. We empower social change through evidence and knowledge. Registered in the United States with support hubs in Nairobi, Mauritius and Bangkok, we are a veteran-owned small business strategically located to connect global development assistance across Afrasia.

Since our inception in 2010, we have grown from a consortium of globally recognized experts who evaluate the effectiveness of development assistance, to a comprehensive analytical service provider that specializes in advancing innovative methodologies to enhance the way donors find solutions and adapt to social problems. Our work informs social change across a myriad of sectors including governance, stabilization, economy, trade, technology, anti-trafficking, health, education, agriculture, sustainable fishing and climate resilience.

Our Vision and Values

We envision global equality where everyone can participate fully to realize their potential. To realize this Vision, our Mission is to empower social change through well-informed analytical and adaptive management services. We espouse these Core Values:

Inclusive Dialogue: Include all perspectives in the ongoing dialogue of improvement to foster innovation.

Informed Confidence: Venture on pathways with the highest chances of equitable success, but don’t disregard alternatives.

Complexity Management: Embrace as much complexity as needed to achieve simple solutions, but no more.

Discovery: Seek equitable innovations that empower individual, organizational and societal growth.


SoCha’s UnComMan™ modeling approach pairs Bayesian Belief Networks (BBNs) with Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) to present decision-makers with a range of evidence-based options when the next steps are unclear. Our UnComMan™ models present a variety of tangible intervention pathways, each with quantifiable risks and returns, to allow our clients to manage adaptively long after our analytical services are completed.

Data, inquiry and ideation are at the core of our process and impact evaluations. Our partnership with Mathematica Policy Research Institute – Tanzania and with New York University’s IDEAS center, equip our team of Principal Investigators (PIs), with a broad network of academics. Assuring our clients of informed and studied resources.

Our systems building and assessment process is derived from feedback looping, timely reviews, hypothesis testing and informed dialogue. We construct ME&L systems aimed at refining your organization’s processes, procedures and strategy through iterative learning and troubleshooting.

We provide clients with on-site performance monitoring, through quantitative quality assessment audits. Our ME&L solutions include monitoring organizational strategies and practices using data. In a way that continues to yield distinguished results in the decision-making of international donor agencies across Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Illustrative Work

USAID/KEA Mission Support for Journey to Self-Reliance Pivot (MSP)

We are the pioneers of USAID/Kenya and East Africa’s pivot to the Journey to Self-Reliance (J2SR). We support 5-year strategic planning, lead country and culture-specific collaboration and learning workshops, and construct holistic monitoring and measurement frameworks to guide programming and implementation. Our nimble work order system allows equitable social change to unfold faster.

USAID/Zambia Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Platform

We provide monitoring, evaluation, and learning services to technical teams, program managers, and policy makers. We advance adaptive management solutions, plan for uncertainty and track progress. Our analytical products yield evidence that strengthens learning. SoCha provides knowledge management tools and training to USAID and partner staff who need timely data to make decisions.

ASEAN-USAID Partnership (PROSPECT) Indefinite Quantity Contract (IQC)

We provide strategic analytical services to the USAID-ASEAN “Partnership for Regional Optimization within the Political-Security and Socio-Cultural Communities” project. We advance a regional multisectoral strategy to address human trafficking and forced labor in the fishing industry with special attention paid to Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Where We Are